[VBITEX purpose]

VBITEX's mission is to provide professional international trading platforms and financial products to a wide range of digital asset enthusiasts and investors around the world without violating relevant regional laws. VBITEX is prohibited from engaging in illegal trading activities such as money laundering, smuggling, commercial bribery, etc. If relevant incidents are discovered, VBITEX will temporarily freeze the account and cooperate with local government agencies to investigate.

[VBITEX has no legal currency trading market]

VBITEX does not offer digital assets and legal currency transactions, and peer-to-peer transactions between users are not related to VBITEX.

[Legal Control, Illegal Trading]

Please use caution from users in the Bitcoin-controlled areas and countries, and you may be in violation of the laws of your location. VBITEX reserves the right to provide relevant evidence to your national and regional governments.

[transaction is risky]

There are large market fluctuations in digital currency asset trading, and VBITEX does not bear the trading risk of investors. Please be cautious in buying and selling digital currency assets, don't invest more than your risk tolerance, and don't buy digital currencies that you don't know.

[privacy protection]

If you are a legitimate person using VBITEX, we will do our utmost to protect the registered user's personal information and transaction information.

[legal attribution]

VBITEX and users are required to comply with the laws of their respective jurisdictions, and users with dual nationality are subject to strict national laws. Do not engage in illegal activities.

[Participants who log in to VBITEX or use VBITEX in any way are deemed to have voluntarily accepted the contents of this website statement]