Russell Coin(罗素币)即将上线

2018-11-13 09:48:46

VBITEX将于11月21日16:00开通VB对RC(Russell Coin)交易,11月16日开放充提币功能。

罗素币(Russell Coin, 简称RC)2017年11月21日创世,总量2100万.目前流通380万,800个节点锁仓100万,截至2018年11月28日实际流通300万左右。罗素币采用了达世币的主节点计划,改进了POW挖矿纳税给主节点机制,结合X11算法,双钥匙加密隐形,匿名更强。持币超过1000个可建主节点参与挖矿。11月21日再次减半!一个块只有2.5个币,届时罗素币更加稀缺!
总量 / 算法: 2100万 X11





挖矿端口 stratum+tcp://


VBITEX will open VB to RC (Russell Coin) trading at 16:00 on November 21 and open the coin-operating function on November 16.

Russell Coin (RC) created the world on November 21, 2017, with a total of 21 million. Currently, it has a circulation of 3.8 million, and 800 nodes are locked in 1 million. As of November 28, 2018, the actual circulation is about 3 million. Russell coins adopt the Dash master node plan, which improves the POW mining tax payment to the master node mechanism. Combined with the X11 algorithm, the double key encryption is invisible and the anonymity is stronger. More than 1000 built-in master nodes can participate in mining. Half again on November 21! A block is only 2.5 coins, when Russell is even scarcer!

Total / Algorithm: 21 million X11
One block every 2 minutes, 5 rewards per block, halved in half a year, and halved 3 times and then constant until the end.
RPC port: 8321
Mature: 51 blocks. Transaction confirmation: 6 blocks

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Mining port stratum+tcp://

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